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Hedging Helps Canadian Oil And Gas Companies In Low Price Climate

Canadian oil and gas companies that hedged their oil production before the global oil price crash will be very relieved they did so. This CanOils study of 45 TSX-listed companies’ Q4 2014 results (see note 1) shows that many Canadian companies made large realized hedging gains as the oil price fell to around $50 by…
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Dueling Liens in Lean Times

With the steep collapse of oil and gas prices in the last 18 months, dozens of exploration and production companies have declared bankruptcy and many more companies are expected to file for bankruptcy protection unless prices rebound dramatically. As the prospect of further bankruptcies looms, it is important for parties to understand how to adequately…
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Oil And Gas Market Update: What To Expect?

Although oil prices have been falling dramatically since the end of November 2014, as a response to OPEC’s 166th Meeting, up until now, both lenders and E&P companies have been hopeful that a recovery in oil prices would allow them to avoid restructuring or refinancing their outstanding debt. As the WTI price has fallen below…
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