Leewen NIGERIA Policies



Our Company Policies Statements are principles which define the style in which we conduct our business. These refer to all our documented directives that come from the Chief Executive decision and provide the course of action, stating intentions and principles to be taken by the whole company.  Such directives are mandatory and must be followed by all in the company.

They provide the basis for which standards are set. Examples include:

  1. HSE Policy
  2. Journey Management Policy
  3. Alcohol and Drugs Policy
  4. 4. Quality Assurance policy
  5. Environmental Policy etc

The management of Leewen Oil and Gas company Limited at inception of the company resolved to give priority attention to Health, Safety and Security of every one directly or indirectly affected by her operations with due regards accorded the environment where she carries out her operations.

We conduct our operation in such a manner as to have:

  1. Zero fatality
  2. Zero Loss Time Injury (LTI)
  3. Zero environmental impact as much as possible

We achieve all these by:

  1. Avoiding acts that may cause injuries to our employees, contractors and third parties.
  2. Preserve the health of our employees and contractors through proper job planning, effective control of occupational health hazards and prompt medical attention.
  3. Minimise  the impact of our activities on the environment.
  4. Ensure proper security of personnel, materials and equipmen

In order to achieve the above:

  1. Management trains/retrains/update all personnel on HSE matters on a regular basis.
  2. Management strives to provide safe working environment at all times.
  3. Health, Safety, Environment and Security are given equal priority in project execution.
  4. 4. Management makes available resources for all safety issues on site including training of staff.
  5. No job commences until all HSE precautions have been taken care of  and job in progress are suspended when it is believed that it cannot be continued safely.
  1. All observed unsafe acts/unsafe conditions are reported to the Site Engineer  and  HSE Officer.

7. HSE execution performance and contributions is used as a tool to     judge the effectiveness and performance of every employee. The same standards apply to our sub-contractor



Leewen Oil and Gas Company Limited is a service oriented organisation . Therefore, it is the objective of the management to ensure that quality is given due priority in all our services to our clients as this will bolster client’s confidence, generate more jobs and promote organisational  growth and workers welfare.

In order to achieve this objective, management has formulated the following guidelines for efficient and effective quality control/assurance, its enforcement and control.

The overall company activities, products, services and operations is  concentrated on meeting and satisfying the quality standard and requirements of our clients.

Our quality standards competes favourably with what is obtainable in the industry in which we operate and we  always meet the relevant codes of practice, statutory regulations requirement and international standard codes.

It is our policy to reduce wastage and ensure profitability that informed our slogan  “DO IT ONCE AND CORRECTLY”.

Quality control/assurance planning starts at the pre-contract phases through to the completion stage of the contract.

Training and instructions are imperative for all staff so as to implement quality assurance. All employees of Leewen Oil and Gas company Limited are normally  given trainings on quality control as soon as they are engaged.

The implementation of our quality control and guideline is the responsibility of every level of management beginning with the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

As a testament to our penchant for quality we have obtained the following API Quality Certification for the manufacturing of our products.